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This package enables incremental-searching on minibuffer history. This works on Emacs 20 / 21 / Meadow.

Put this code into your .emacs:
(require 'minibuf-isearch)
Then type C-r in minibuffer and you'll be happy. (yes, I suppose!)

Key bindings

C-r in the minibuffer starts minibuf-isearch-mode minor mode. In this mode, you can type:

Non-control characters
to incremental-search. The matched part is highlighted.
to search backward the word you typed.
to search forward.
C-h, DEL, BS
to delete the last type and search again.
to abort isearching. The initial content of the minibuffer is restored.
C-m, C-j, RET, etc.
to exit this minor mode.

History, License, etc.

See the commented-out field in the source file.

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